No One Beleives

So im 18 i got pregnant at 16 i fell in love with a 26 yr old man he was very shy and charming .when i was pregnant we used to get in fights but nothing serious.. After i had my daughter we started getting into more and more fights because he said i wasnt a very house wife ive also had postpardum depression any how ive kept trying and trying but it isnt good enough i cant even remember the first time he hit me not like punch me in the face but like shoving pulling hair throwing me on the floor etc after evrything he tells me sorrY i wont do it agen but he does it over and over he breaks my stuff all the time. So one of worst fights was when i ended up in jail because i pushed him first and then he beat me up this time he was punching me but i got sent to jail because i pushed him first so now evrytime he hurts he threatens me of calling the cops and telling me you know who they are gona beleive and im scared and to make it worst his mom is always like its your fault you make him violent and all this . I tell my mom and she dosent really wanto beleive me cus in the past ive gotten in fights with other girls at school and because i have hit my boyfriend But not like hes hit me but is it really my fault should i just live with it he always says its your faul if you hadnt touched me or yelled at me or something like thata he blames me for hurting he makes excuses and says you make me violent. He says hes not a woman beater because he dosent beat me evryday and cus hes not a drunk and that hes not as bad as others that i exagerate i dont know what to do i think its my fault
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It sounds like you need to get out of that relationship. You're not living the life you want, it's disfunctional and unhealthy for you and your baby. He's blackmailing you after he hits you, so he can get away with it. Don't allow no one to treat you this way. This is not a healthy loving relationship. He is abusive always will be, and will become worse. Go to this web site, it's the national domestic violence website on there you can learn about abuse, talk to a counselor 24 hrs a day, get referrals, get into a safe shelter where they can help you get on your feet and get your own place, schooling or a job. You do have options and there is help out there you just have to take that first step. Good luck and I wish you the best.