Today I Was Beaten L

Today I was beaten so bad I screamed for someone anyone to help me . Then I was beaten again even harder that I just screamed police. The kitchen light was off but I think I just had my eyes closed the entire time he dragged me painfully by my hair. This was the worse fight and I really didn't think I was going to survive. I screamed so loud for help and to call the police and my five year old tried so very hard to protect my cellphone and remember how mommy taught her to call 911. She didn't think her mother was going to make it either.we ran . We ran and hid in the darkness. He kept banging on the door . We were waiting for the door to break and all I can do as her mother was think how we were going to escape in the night with no coat, no keys . Will someone help us in the street in the night? No one helped when I screamed . Think happy things mommy . Think of our old life mommy the one we had before you met daddy. Is mommy bleeding ? Yes you are mommy , a little bit . Mommy if we just say sorry we can be a family again . But I didn't do anything wrong did I ..... Daddy was drunk
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U need to call the police and press charges cut him out of your life never see him again

just leave everything accept the things you really need and dont tell anyone where you are going - leave everything - dont even tell your family where you are going - just get out and leave - dont worry about leaving anything behind - your life is worth keeping and you should never put it as risk for anyone - there is no need to even stay with someone like that - i pray that you find somewhere to go - and remember dont say a word to anyone

You can go on the national domestic violence website at you can speak with a counselor that may be able to help you. It's safe to call them and you can call them 24 hrs a day. The most important thing for you to do is to get you and your daughter to saftey. Good luck, I wish you the best.

Please get yourself and your child to safety. Yes there is help. Find it at any cost. Police although they can get him out of your house it's up to you to keep on fighting to keep away. I am so so so so so sorry for your pain. So sorry that your child had to witness such violence. There are shelters to go to almost anywhere in the world. There are survivors out there. Resources for you to use and get to safety. Please please please keep yourself safe. It will happen again. You know this. It may be worse and it may be directed at your child at some point. I know it's difficult. I know that you may have struggle. Yet you will never have to get your child to call 911 for you. That's so sad. Please try to reach out and change for your sake and if that is not enough reason do it for your child. It's not your fault. You are not the problem but if you stay you will be. Keep reaching out call someone go to a community center. Call a crisis line. Women help line something. They are out there you just thought you would never have to use them. You need them now and they are more than willing to help. I got out of my hell. I don't have life easy now but I have a safe and positive life. I hope you find your way. I hope for your safety. I know you posted it anonymously if you wish to talk please send me a message. I am here for your support and want you to know you are strong and can do this. Please please find safety.