Need Some Advice Please

Like so many of you, when I read other womans stories I say to myself, why do they stay??

Isn't that crazy, look at me... I think I'm afraid of the other side... being alone?? But why when
I do know that lonliness with someone physically there hurts soo much more. I think its being
so afraid of truely being alone??

If anybody reads this,, this is my plan...

I have supported this man for many years, he has only been working 15 months of the last 15 yrs, I know I hate what I have become.

So I'm getting some $ together for the d-day. If I have a plan and sty with it, perhaps come on here and keep a log to keep me on track, perhaps I will feel a lil better that I'm in motion.

OK so money, I have to get a lawyer, either I go to court and inform them of the abuse, this may put his job at risk, or I go with the 30 days to leave the home plan?? I'm not sure of
the time 30 or 60 days you have to leave your dwelling, if no abuse is reported.

AND I must work on me, that is the biggest, doing for me, instead of constantly beating myself
for my mistakes and my current situation.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

The fear of being lonely is worse than actually being alone. If you are able to find yourself in then you can't be lonely. Maybe not have a man in your life but I am sure you felt lonely even in his presence at times. Don't sell yourself short. You are worth more than what he's made you believe. If you can stick to the plan than do so but regardless you need to get out. If you are in a calm and are making arrangements then great. If not. Get out and worry about the rest later. Get yourself support. Call a crisis line and they can help lead you to what you need. Keep focused and get out. Cheers and here for your support.