I am also a victim of abuse. I got thrown around today hairpulled and spit in the face. All from asking a question. He thinks I went thru his phone but i didnt. He thinks im crazy and should never question him. Im so tired of defending myself. I hate this evil man. I have no money no where to go. Im so confused
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Hey. I just read your post and i can not believe how similar your situation is to something that I went through. My ex boyfriend who thankfully i am away from, used to pull my hair, punch me, throw me around, whatever he wanted just because i asked a question or even breathed towards the end. I had no money and no where to go either, and no money. Thankfully i had my mothers support at the very end because i had no where else to turn. I put myself into an impatient that was 2 hours away from where i lived and where he lived. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. That was in July and i have been away from him ever since. I was able to start a new relationship and be happy. There are domestic violence shelters in many different locations. You can go on google and search them they take you in and help you get back on your feet to be away from this man. I hope everything works out for you, i hate to hear that your going through this because i remember how terrible it was. if there is anything i can do to help let me know. im new to this site but im sure ill figure out if you comment me back. Good luck xoxox

I agree with awarren98. You have to been strong to take the abuse. Now its time to be strong for you to leave it. You have to save yourself. It may be difficult but it's what has to happen. Please get yourself to a shelter and don't let him contact you anymore. Stay strong and around supportive people. I stayed in my relationship for all the wrong reasons. I forgot to take care of myself in lue of taking care of everyone around me. Please please get yourself to safety. ANYTHING is better then where you are right now. It may not be glamorous and may not be what you like but you will be safe. You will get support. You will have help. Many women and men understand your pain. I do. Which I am not proud to say. Abuse tears away at you. Kills you slowly .......or worse. He won't change and your safety is the most important thing. Get away and stay away. Please reach out and trust someone with your pain. It can get better if you stay strong and true to yourself.. Here for your support.

I'm going to give you the website for the national domestic violence hotline, it is safe and confidential. You can speak with a counselor 24hrs a day, they can help you get into a safe shelter and help get you on your feet, they can also give you other referrals to help you.

It is in your best intrest to get out now while you can, abuse only gets worse with time, and they never change, even though they promiss they will, the abuse always starts back up again. Please do yourself a favor and do not waste any more of your life on this person. The longer you stay in these relationships the worse off you will be.
Just be strong and take the first step out of this relationship.

I just joined today and just read this story and your reply thank you for the web sight I'm gonna try and find help as I have no job and no money and no mode of transportation no family here in this state and everybody I know is his friends or family I have no where to turn and no place to go I'm scared and alone.

I hope you go on the website I gave on the above comment. Get as much help as you can to get out of your situation. You deserve to live a better life and to be happy.