I'm Very Upset

I have been physically abused by mom many times. I does not happen everyday, like it does for most victims. It always happens, when my mom and I get in an argument. The last time it happened, was a couple days ago. She was so mad, that she got the point where she was saying; "I'm going to kill you!!" I know she didn't mean it, but this tells you how mad she can get. This time I did not fight back, I didn't grab her hands to keep her from hitting me. Thankfully my dad got her off of me. I am upset about what happened, but deep inside. Right now, I am to the point where I really don't care what happens. My grandma psychologist and I've talked with her about what has happened. She noticed how angry and sad I am, even though I am not showing it on the outside. I just wanted you to know what I'm going through. Because I don't want to talk about it with my friends, and if I talk about it with my grandma again. She is very likely to tell my mom what we talked about. Same at school, even if I ask the counselor to not talk about it to my parents, she will.

Thank you, to whoever took the time to read what I wrote.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through. No one should ever be abused. Maybe you should stand your ground. The next time your mom trys to hit you. Stand up nice and tall, show a face of seriousness, and use a very firm voice and say no mom you are not going to hit me no more, Look angry. If she trys to hit you block or hold her hands down, tell her you are not going to let her beat you ever again. Push her down if you have to. I was in a similar situation with my mom at your age. She would always slap me, pull my hair,or push me around, untill I stood up for myself. I got angry and pushed her down on the ground and said no more! She never abused me again.
You can also call this hotline for teens who get abused, it is confidential, and you can talk to a counselor 24 hrs a day. 800-448-3000, it's the boys and girls town national hotline.
Have faith that this will get better, be strong.

First off... I want to say that I am sorry for what you are going through. I have never been in your situation before so I couldn't begin to know how you are feeling. I have been in a domestic situation with my daughters father before.. but I'm sure its not as bad as the attacker being your mother, because she is suppose to be the one you turn to in situations like this, not her creating the situations like this. I may not know you or how it is to be in your exact situation, but I must say.. You may or may not already know this idk, but it is normal for you to act the way you do (I'm assuiming that your close to a teenager), teenagers always defy their parents to test there limits and hardly ever agree or see eye to eye with their parents. Teenagers naturally argue and fight with their parents, what is not normal is for your mother to beat you or do anything abusive like that. It's not normal for a parent to act like that, so dont ever feel like its your fault or come down on yourself. Also, in a situation as serious as yours wether its the cops, school counsilor, your grandma, etc.. the are almost always most likely to speak to your mother about it, because they are just "trying" to fix the problem but what people often don't understand is they might make the situation worse. You know what might be an idea is call WEAVE or look it up on line. Dont tell them your name, just ask for some confidential advice. Tell them your situation and mention that you are scared to tell anybody because you dont want it to get back to your mother because it will make the abuse worse for you and you have no one else to turn to about it. Weave should help you. They helped me with a situation that I had a few years ago. They are nice people. I hope that I helped a little. I'm sure you feel trapped but maybe weave could help. Keep your head up. Check it out.

I'm 14 years old, I'll turn 15 in April. I know it is not normal for my mom to be abusive the way she is. She has very strong anger management issues. I don't, it takes A LOT of things to make me explode the ways she does. I don't talk to the school/authorities about the violence because; we are immigrants. I am in the U.S. legally, but she's not. Obviously what would happen if I was to report this, is that they will talk to us about it, and they will start an investigation on my mom. Most likely, she will be deported and I would be put in a foster home. I've threatened her in the past by saying, "Hit me again, and I will tell the school counselor all about it.". She has threatened be too when I fight back, One time she tried to grab me by my hair, so I grabbed her wrists. My intention was not to hurt her, just to get her off of me. Yet I bruised her, and her wrists were sore. Anyways, the thing that really bothers me when I raise my voice back at her, or when I fight back. She is surprised when I do this. It's like she doesn't know where my actions come from. For example: One time she was yelling at me, so I had enough and screamed my lungs out at her. You should have seen her face. She stopped yelling, and in a calm voice she said; "Bryan don't yell at me." >:O I'm like WTF?!?! You were screaming at me and now that I do it, you want me to calm down?! Those are the type of things that really **** me off, when we have an argument. About trying to fix the problem. Both my dad and I have learned how to deal with her. (trust me when they have arguments..whether my dad is right or wrong my mom thinks she "wins" the argument). The story that I wrote, it happened Tuesday. I need to wait a couple of days until she calms down. I have not shown her that I'm upset or mad. In her head I do not care about what happened on Tuesday. I will try to apologize with her Sunday. Hopefully by then, she will be calm about what happened. If I try to do that now, she is just going to end up getting even more mad. I just finished my midterm exams, and my brain has melted this past week, from so much studying. So I just want to get some rest, and like I said. I'll try to fix things Sunday.

I hope everythings goes well, and I wish you good luck. I don't know what to suggest about that if she is here illegally.It might turn out to be a big thing, but If I got the chance... I could try to find out sometime I dont have a cell so it might take a while but I could try if you'd like...

I hope everything is ok now, but you didn't say why your mom got angry. If you now that it was your fault, try not to get her mad anymore... Am not justifying your mom for hurting you, its not right but am sure she doesn't feel good about hurting you. I hope everything goes well.

It doesn't matter mad this person mad there mother. Their mother or any mother period, should NEVER WHATSOEVER, abuse their child. I could understand you saying this if she wasn't abusive, but overly strict or something. This is serious. There are things that people just don't do and this is one of those things. There is also a possibility that you could have this person feeling like they deserve it and maybe you should just be a little more careful with your words.

***It doesnt matter how mad this person made their mother***....

sighh, I get her angry over something very stupid. I was missing some assignments in World History. Since I'm in an honors class, I'm expected to do ALL of the mandatory and extra work we get. So my mom got an e-mail from my teacher, which said that i needed to turn the papers in. Otherwise they would count as a zero. Those papers did not count toward my quarter grade. But if I need to retake a quiz or test. I need to turn in 75% of the work prior to that quiz/test. Long story short, she said that I was going to turn it in, whether it counted for my grade or not. I rolled my eyes at her and said yeah.