My Story, With Two Angry People

First abuse I remember:
An Ex Prom date of mine sent me a message on facebook. He said He was too shy about something wish there could have been more. I told him He was My first crush and that he had ment a lot to me. And I visit oregon Id like to visit him too. I was Really drunk.
Corey saw me ON the phone messageing someone at the bar we were at. I drank wayyyy to much. and when we got home i was throwing up everywhere, corey took it as an opportunity to go through my phone. When he read it, he stood over my half alive body (Im pretty sure I had alcohol poisoning) and called me a *****, a ****, ****, Trash, And I belong on the streets. I told him I didnt by any means want to hookup with him it was 8th grade!!
I went to sleep, the next morning he started arguing with me and I pushed him away, he then hit my face so hard my head whipped to the side and i fell.
We later apologized and he bough me some flowers bc he felt bad.

Every Fight we got into he would Hold me tightly or throw me to the ground. To him that wasnt abuse and I thought the same. He would demand for my phone, take my car keys and keep my hostage. Sometimes I would go to the bathroom and cut myself bc I was so upset he kept me hostage. When He would see me cutting myself he would grab me rip me out of the bathroom and Hit my back/but As hard as he could with his hand. Sometimes it bled. He told me it wasnt abuse it was a spanking for cutting myself. But it did leave bruises and everyone saw.I wasnt A good Person for abuse bc I allways fought back i would try to push him back or hit him back but he was so strong he could pin me down and beat my *** and back with his hand.

One day I had had enough of corey telling me when to be home, And never letting me go out or do anything. allways checking my phone and facebook. So I asked hiim to go to the club with me. He said no, so i tried to go. He told me i couldnt go either but i pushed him away and escaped before he could hold me hostage again. I was so upset that i cheated on him that night.
a week later he found out, when I came home I said I was sorry so many times. He slapped me twice in the face. Then Called me a *****, trash, a ****, i belong on the streets. Then I told him I swear it wasnt anything more i swear on my dads Grave. So he went over and ripped up the only picture I had of my dead dad up. I was so upset i went to the bathroom to cut myself again and he pulled me out and beat my back and butt again like he always does. THen I started punching my face bc i was so mad at myself for cheating. He starred and laughed and told me to keep doing it i deserve it then he gave me a smack. When I woke up the next day he told me that I deserve the abuse bc i cheated and now we are both even.

ON christmas night i was making dinner and he brought up the kid i cheated on again. He saw we were friends on facebook again. I told him there nothing going on and im sorry i just accept request (He had logged on to my facebook and blocked all these guys that he though i would hoook up with) him being one. I unblocked him and added him bc he was a good friend to me and still wanted to have him as a friend nothing more.
Corey kept was getting so mad about it, that my temper blew up too i guess, i just wanted christmas dinner. So i threw the food in the trash and started throwing stuff. BIG MISTAKE.
Corey Came at me threw me to the ground many tiems then held me down and started smacking the **** out of my back and butt leaving some of them bleeding. He started saying the things like Im a *****, I belong on the sstreets, I will never be able to live on my own with out him, no one will love me bc im a physcho. I was so upset by his words i went to the bathroom and cut myself and pulled me out and did the same things again. He like to hold me to the ground and not let me go no matter how many times i wanted to. I went into the shower and started Crying and praying to GOD he follwed me in there and starte miimcking me. saying "PLease God im a ******* Physcho please help me" and stuff like that. I was so upset. I threw something and accidently broke his Pipe. He threw me to the ground and hie my *** really hard again. To him These were spankings even tho they caused horrible horrible bruising. He thought spanking werent abuse.

When I came to work my boss saw all the bruises on the back of my thighs and butt. He knew corey was abusive and told me i should move out.
But I stayed...
ONe day we were supposed to go to a party. I really wanted corey to take some pills with me I got. He told me all week he would, and then Right before the party he told me he was too sick to take them with me. I was really really upset. I felt like when corey took pills i could actually talk to him and have fun with him. (I know its really messed up) so i started crying and throwing a huge fit. He told me I was phycho, he couldnt believe i was crying over it (I was also pretty drunk). Then I screamed telling him to stop callling me names. He said things like i was so stupid. And dumb. I slapped him and he grabbed me i pulled his hair and he ripped out my hair i pushed him away and He bashed my head into the dashboard. I started bleeding everywhere and he didnt care, he told me to grab some napkins. I reached for my phone to call for help i wanted to leave. But he demanded my phone and kept grabbing me to get it from me. I told him its my phone he has no right to have it but he kept demanding me and pushing me in the car for it grabbing me and trying to have it. He told me it was his authority. I finally dropped the phone under the seat so both of us didnt get it. He then told me If i try to leave he wil send me to the hospital, say i was trying to kill myself with all the pills in my pocket and say i was a physcho and need to be in treatment for weeks. I tried to get out of the car but he wouldnt let me and said he was driving me to the hospital. thank fully a cop pulled us over and it spooked both of us and he drove me home.
WHen he go home he went to the computer and told an Ex she was really cute and some other flirtatious things. I got to the computer and sent that boy i cheatead with on him "r u online?" Corey came in saw it and Smacked me. I pushed him and shoved him bc i was so mad and he knocked me out old. I blacked out for a long time and saw stars. when i wokr up i couldnt move my jaw. He told me i was a *****. I slept on the couch that night. at He tried to force me to come to Bed but i wouldnt. He started pulling on me to get me to bed and i pushed him away, so he smacked me and flipped the coush ontop of me. I ended up crawling into bed with him. My head hurt so bad i felt like i had a concussion.
Two days later he saw i was texing a friend non stop.
He woke up at 6A.m so he could go through my phone and read it.
I ran out and forced him to give it back. He knew i was hiding something so he kept trying to go through it. So I broke the phone in half when i finally fot it (It was a 20 dollar phone i really didnt care i wanted a new one anyways) He smacked my face so hard and told me im a ***** and I probly got with mad guys. then he hit me again in the face and kicked me out. When i started to pack my things He told me wait hes sorry and he'll change/
That was the thing with Him. Everytime he kicked me out i was so happy to leave but then he would try and convince me to stay again and that he loved me and hes changed.

The next day My boss saw me i told him what happened and we moved out.
Corey Would text me non stop saying things like im being a ******* kid, I'm running away from my problems, I'm stupid, Im hooking up with mad guys. But i was done.
I finally was living a life where i could go out whenever i wanted not have to ask anyone. Stay out as late as i want. Not have someone allways going through my **** and accusing me of cheating.
Dont ever let someone tell you abuse is okay bc its an open hand. Thats not true and all and even grabbing and throwing to the ground sitting on you not letting you move is abuse as well. My abuse wasnt that bad it only happened during fights. But i did see all the warning signs in him. Like when he would get mad at my chihuahuas he would throw them and even broke one of thier paws once. He had a post battering problem. His dad abused him as a kid. He would allways punch holes in walls, Infact when I left i came back and there was 3 holes in the wall and the door was broken in half. He was jealous all the time, insecure, Telling me I cant go out unless its with him. Giving me times to be home. It was a mess. I hope this story will help someone.
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Your abuse was that bad. You are young. Please get yourself help. You need it to help yourself heal. Your physical emotional and mental abuse effects you more than you know. I am thankful you are out. You still need to work on you though. Here for your support