Alive And Grateful

i have never posted on here and I am hoping that my story can make other women who are in the situation see that their is hope, and women who made it out of those situations to feel grateful which I'm sure they all do. I am 20 years old and my story starts when i was 18. Not to go into the long boring details of everything, I met my ex where I worked. He actually worked next door to me. Everything was great and happy in the beginning. But only for about 1 month. It started with the verbal abuse before anything else. Basically for almost 2 years i got beaten, thrown, punched, thrown out of vehicles, everything i never thought would happen to me, happened just about everyday. He took away my financial means and my self respect as well as my dignity as a woman. When we came to the end of our relationship he was choking me constantly and the last time he choked me in front of my mothers house. My mother decided the best thing for me was to go into an inpatient that was 2 hours away from where we both lived. That completely changed my life. I was able to get away from him realize what was going on, stop using drugs to cope, and learn how to be a woman again. I tried many many times before going away to get away from him but he had some sort of hold on me that i couldnt do it alone. I did see him again in october. I went to the inpatient in July. And i realized that i wanted nothing to do with him. I got much stronger. I only saw him for about 10 minutes and he tried to wrap me back into him again but i wouldnt let that happen. I had to forgive him not face to face because i didnt, but within my heart in order to be able to move forward and have the relationship i have today. There is hope. It takes a while to be able to go even a day without thinking about the person, but it does happen. And then days turn to weeks and then months. The light at the end of the tunnel is there for everyone. You just have to recognize when your turn to go to that light and have a new life is. Shelters take you in if their is no money on your side. There are outlets and just being on this website and expressing what your going through is a huge start. Once your out of the relationship your going to feel like your life is over, I know I did. But then you realize, its not over, its just beginning. I am so grateful for my life. That at 20 years old I could have been killed by him many many times. But I'm here. Im alive. And I have a new life, with no limits.
melissasomething melissasomething
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013