I Feel So Alone And Stupid When I Think About Why I Havent Left Yet

right now I am feeling so emotionally abused. I just got off the phone with my boyfriend and we got into an argument and he threatened me like he always does only he doesnt call them threats theyre promises. Just the other night we were having a few and he got me mad and I got him mad and he choked me till I saw blue. I thought he wasnt going to stop. I tried screaming for help but no one cared or they were too drunk idk. Of course he apologized for it but when is it ever going to stop? He always promises me it wont happen again but it always does I don't know how much longer I can take it. I would ask my family for help but I am scared for them. I just need someone to talk to other than him I have no one.
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

1-800-799-7233 National hotline domestic violence

Any man who puts a hand on u women repeatedly should have the **** beat out of them every day,raped for an hour a day, and just ******* ughhhh, I've read 12 of these stories already and I'm so upset and angered, i thought that the world was a little better , to think thousands of men are beating women every day makes me feel so sad for all of you, anybody who is being abused: stay strong, get help, and please live life well

Leave him. It's not going to get better.

Get yourself to safety, I have been there ,myself, It doesn't have to get worse if you will make a move to stop it

I am sorry for your pain. you are not alone. Many of us know the pain of this isolation. I understand you fear but you have to reach out and trust someone. Your are right it wont stop it will only get worse. Please know it's not you that has the issues. You are just caught up in his issues. Please put yourself first and get to help. You need to call a crisis line and they can get you started in healing. I can tell you also that if you drink with him again it will escalate quickly. Booze distorts and always always always makes it worse. Please get yourself to safety. If you need to talk. I am here and no judgement. I have been there for too long and understand the issues. Please know you are writing here because of the pain. Now make another step to save yourself. Cheers and here for your support.