I Though He Love Me

i'm living with my abuser he is the father of my 6 month baby he has been beating me for years now but since lately it is getting worst i'm embarrassed to let anyone know i feel so ashamed and now he broke my hand i lie to the doctor telling him it was an car accident we haven't talk for months and we live in the same house he shout at everything he is always angry for what reason i don't know what can i do to get away from him i have no family member where we live
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1-800-799-7233 National Domestic Hotline

I feel like your not safe i do know how you feel you still ove him you want to still be with him but now it's not about you it's about our children i still live with my abuser too you need to talk with your local serv agency with will help you to get the help that you really need for you and your baby ok sweet heart if you want out get out and don't be like me stay out we can not i reapect can not fix then we can onlt help ourselves and our children that we have in those relationships good luck and god bless you and your family

Get out. Don't be embarrassed. I lost the big V with my abusive ex when I was 13, I stayed for two years. I had no where to go either, my family is really ******* abusive house.

I went to a battered womens shelter. Its hard cause you have to admit all the horrible things this person has done to you. You have to contact the police and let them know you are in an abusive situation. They take you to a secure site where other victims of abuse live. In this place I met so many wonderful people. Including a beatiful little 7 year old girl whos mother had been repeatedly abused and who had started to be hit by the abuser too. They all had so many stories it made me feel like I wasnt alone. They had group counciling daily. provided all meals and board. It was a nice clean place since all the people that lived there had choirs and volunteer activities to keep the center running clean and secure. They provided child care and helped with relocation after 6 months. That was 15 years ago for me.

I am sorry for your pain and please don't be embarrassed. **** happens. Abuse seems to get worse after the birth of a child. It won't improve either. Stop lying for him and to yourself. Get out. Grab your child and go. There are shelters for you. There is help. Tell the TRUTH it's a relief to get it off your chest. It starts the process of healing and finding yourself again. Most people in abusive situations are isolated so it's common to feel alone. It's part of the control. Please know you are not alone. You can get help and you can have a better life. Get yourself to safety now for your sake if not for the sake of your child. Please don't raise him in a violent house. It does such damage to children. I would know... I have 4. You are young and have plenty of time to make it all better. You deserve it. Make a phone call find the shelters and go.......it's that simple .. worry about the rest later. Just go.