Is It Love?

About 8 months into my relationship with David, things took a turn for the worse. He wanted to leave my house so bad, but I couldnt let him go, i was afraid i would never see him again, he pushed me hard into the ground and threw rocks at me. He left and i had bruises on me from him grabbing me so forcefully. He apologized for it but it just kept happening, we'd fight, he'd push me out his door, choke me out, punch me, spit on me.

One night, i finally got the nerve to call the police on him, he never got arrested, i was told to go home and we broke up for maybe a few months? I dont know what to do to, i feel like an idiot for staying with him but when we break up, i feel heart broken, he can be the sweetest man i ever met but than turn around and beat me.

We are still together and its not been close to one year and half of us dating.
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I agree women arent punchbags and it doesnt make sense to hurt those you love .

Please know love is may be what you started off feeling. Now he controls you though. Love does not hit kick throw punches or stones. Love does not have to make up for the bruises on your body. Please LOVE yourself first and save you now. I just told my Violence against Women worker the other day. I wish I could just go back and make that 19 yr old love struck girl see that she was worth so much more than what she was getting. Please know you are worth more than what you are allowing yourself to have. Get out get help and find the reasons why you are in this relationship in the first place. Seek help share your pain and get safe. Cheers and here for your support. Flo

You're young and beautiful, don't make the same mistake I did by trying to change an abuser for 23 years...I just signed a statement against him for the first time ever, He was recently arrested for the 8th time for my skull being fractured on 12/07/2012<br />
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He was lovey at first, but he'll periodically hit you, apologize, hit you, apologize, for as long as y'all are together.