My Abusive Life

I've been in an abusive violent marriage 22 years. I stayed to raise my 7 sons, I'm over 50 and a grandmother of 6. He's in jail for his 7th assault charge, I used to beg courts for leniency this time I won't even though his mom is trying to coerce me into lying and retracting my statement but I won't. He wouldn't let me keep a job outside the home but I'm looking for work now, trying catch up on coast due mortgage etc. I feel so relieved about him being unable to hurt me that the stress of financial ruin isn't making me crazy. I need some hope, advice etc. His mom took his vehicle tools and anything of value I could sell to catch up bills she refuses to let me have them, she isn't worried about my autistic son, so selfish...I need a lawyer I guess but since I applied for food stamps I have to apply at 30 jobs a week to keep them, I'm lost happy everything is so overwhelming.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

Support groups will help...not only for you don't feel so alone in the world...but for ideas on resources that are available in your community. Legal aid is available in some instances as well. It sounds like you may please check it you need to protect yourself. Also...take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. You made the first step...and this is a very hard step. It won't be an easy journey...but it will be a worthwhile one...and hopefully you will find some long overdue peace and happiness at long last. I wish you all the best. :)

I am sorry for your pain. I know the frustration. I don't know if there is any support groups that you can access. They should be able to get you in touch with resources to help you through this moment. It may be difficult but you will have to tell your story to a few people. It will be helpful though. It's great when you release some pain. Keep trusting yourself and release some of the pain you have carried for all these years. Cheers and here for your support. Flo