On Going Hell

I met and married my ex husband over 20yrs ago. At first all was good then he began to show his abusive side. I tried to leave several times but he always changed. He would change and I would go back. I did leave once, he was really good about that, gave me furniture etc but the whole time wooing me back. At this time we had a young daughter. After getting bcak together we had a son. We were living overseas and after the kids came along he wanted to come back here to Australia because his father was ill. I was the sole provider when we were overseas. I came home one day and got all the credit card statements and it was over 20k. He had opened up credit cards without my knowledge.
We purchased a small local business in a small rural town (pop 600). It was agreed that I would work a few days and stay at home the other days. This never happened. I ended up working 5 days a week, 9am till 5pm. I was not allowed to have friends or rather my friends were not the right ones. Next I knew I was working 7 days and he was spending more money than what we were making. When I walked through the door at night I had to take care of the 2 children as well as the housework. I kept telling him, that there was no money but he never believed me. I would hide money so he would not get any. Then he began to start to push me and then he hit me. One time he sent me back to see my family, my sister was very ill, he would not allow me to take the children. He kept them here so I would come back.
I made a plan and moved away from this rural town. He went to court, crying, and I had to move back. It was been 5 years now, I have remarried with another child. My ex drives by my house on a regular basis, he verbally abuses me in public, he uses the children against me, I get abusive texts and snail mail (anonymous of course).
I don't know how to make it stop. I have been to the police, I was rated very high on a DV scale, he has pushed me- the cop couldn't find him for 2 weeks, so nothing was done. He has a new girlfriend so I was hopeing that he would leave me alone but that is not the case. I don't know where to turn. We have tried mediation- that was a joke. He is unable to grow up and his parents still make excuses for his bad behaviour. I don't know how much more I can take
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Sorry for your pain. I feel your frustration. Just try to keep your head up and be glad you are done with that part of your life. If you have kids it's just a part of the crap we end up dealing with. I try to focus on my children and have to constantly help them due to the fact he emotionally abuses them. Sucks so much but part of the baggage we carry Cheers and here for your support Flo