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I have to go to court in a matter of weeks due to being in a very abusive relationship a couple of years ago. My ex is being brought to court and charged with several different things, including sexual assault and grevious bodily harm. I know I am going to have to provide evidence, and I know it is going to be rough. Can someone please tell me how rough exactly? I want to know the truth so I do not break down whilst in the stand. I am only a young girl and I know this is going to be very emotionally draining, so I need to be prepared.

Thank you everyone.

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I had to do this only a couple months ago. It's horrifying, and emotional, but I had good support. Take someone with you, it does help. All I had to do was swear on the oath, then get on the stand and tell what happened. The hard part was that he was sitting at a table facing me, only a couple feet away, but I was only up there long enough for my story. Then he got his chance to speak, which he could have denied to do, but he didn't. After that, the judge said what all he was charged with and then it was over. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope this helps. I went into that day knowing absolutely nothing until we got there and a lady who specialized in domestic violence told me what to expect.

Thank you for replying. My ex told me he can't admit to all he did as he knows he would go to jail so is his solicitor going to try and make me out to be a liar yeah? :(

That's horrible. If he didn't want to go to jail, then he should have thought about his actions. I was told to not be ashamed to show how much of a mess I was. If you feel like crying, then do it.

Is it really messed up I don't want him to go to jail? It's just because I know I will be counting down the days until he gets out and worrying so bad. I'm also afraid ill cave and go see him in jail. My fiancé says if I do I will be single again. He doesn't understand. :( x