He Told Me He Would Slit My Throat.

Domestic Violence starts small and builds itself up. Maybe just a push the first time "because you were doing this or that" then it turns into my story...

My boyfriend was always VERY jealous and insecure of me and anything that had to do with me. One night when he was working and I was at home with my two year old son I tried to make a call from my cell phone and it wasnt working...Weird. Well he went ahead and hacked into my cell account and changed my number because he thought I was talking to someone that he didnt approve of. When he got home from work and I was in bed he immediatly went to my phone looked at it didnt see what he was looking for and smahed it on the floor. He started calling me all the names you can imagine and I follwed him into the living room where he choked me out and tried to rape me...saying he likes it dirty and he had hoped I had F**** someone earlier in the night. I tried to use the house phone to call the police and he ripped it from the wall.

This entire time I had my thoughts on my two year old son in the next room-and I just didnt want to wake him. This is something a young child should never have to witness. Though at one point I did grab him-sleeping and try to escape the house, only to be baracaded in by my boyfriend. I was being held hostage.

I tried to go to bed but he would follow me and yell and degrade me. When I tried to use the bathroom he came in with a cigarette and put it out on my cheak. At that point I fought back-I punched as hard and as many times as I could....This really set him off. I ended up in a choke hold on the floor him laughing whispering in my ear, "How does it feel to know your going to die tonight. Im taking to out to the kitchen to slit your throat and Im going to watch you bleed out. Your son is going to find his mother there in a pool of blood in the morining."

Luckily this was an empty threat. I did run out the back door after this happened and made it half way to the neighbors house when he grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth and nose and dragged me back in the house.

I was hopeless this night. He finally tired and held me close all night. I was his prisoner.

As I said in the beginning abuse just gets worse and I believe if I stay with him that his threat of slitting my throat will eventuallly become a reality.
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3 Responses Feb 11, 2013

Why are you still there?? A man who abuses a woman he is not a man!! He plays games with your fear!!! Do you really want to live this way? Take your son RUN and don't look back... today is you that you getting all the abuse .. tomorrow it will be your son... and do you really want your son to learn this violent behavior.. not to respect women? come on you have a choice ... Good luck to you...but please don't stay there... anyplace that hurt lives ...there is no room for love!!

I agree, I hope you're not with him anymore.

Please tell me you're not still with him? :( x