I was with a man who was awful to me for a year and a half.  It was a horrifying experience, and eventually he went to jail for all that he did to me.  The judge who sentenced him had a heart attack 2 weeks later and the jerk went before another judge, without notifying my lawyer...the other judge let him out.  The newspapers heard about it and the story was on the front page of the local newspaper, because such a horrible person was just let out of jail for no reason whatsoever.  It went back to court, but it went before the judge who let him out...and he decided to stick with his ruling, to save face in front of the papers.  It was not fair!  This was back in 1998......
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The frustration must have nearly killed you, but please focus on your freedom and your future.<br />
(Victim for 36 years)

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Thats awful, I'm glad you made a stand and got out though. These bullies need to know that their behaviour is wrong and they can't get away with it, shame the Judge was clearly an A-hole!

Terribly sorry to hear your ordeal. Really hope he gets what he deserves, and I wish for you to always be as happy and beautiful as you look in your picture.

I am so sorry to hear that. No one should every be treated that way no matter what.

What a horrible injustice and outrage!!! The judicial system is so messed up this makes me very angry! This guy is still out there so he can do this kind of thing to someone else! I hope that you do not live anywhere near this creep! A man that would do this to a woman is a coward! My ex husband was physically abusive so I know what that is like. I was very affraid of him and he ended up having an affair and leaving me for another woman. By far the biggest favor and nicest thing he ever did since it got me off the hook. If he had not met her he would still be controlling me and abusing me. I know that sounds bad but she was sleeping with him and knew he was married with a child so I can only feel so sorry for her. She is divorced from him now too. I hope that they get this guy who did all this to you! I am so sorry you had to go through that its outrageous!!