ive been a victim most of my life, my father and my boyfriends, i really didnt know any better with my boyfriends i guess i kind of thought that it was normal because my father treated me the same way.
CaseyBlueNI CaseyBlueNI
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you desevre better

I understand, I think somehow if our father is an abusive cruel man than how do we know how to choose a good man.Our father is the first man in our lifes,he shapes the opinion of what a man is.<br />
This cycle can be broken,be strong and know that there are good men out there,and that you deserve someone who is kind and loving and will treat you equally and with respect love and compassion.

it's funny how it ends up like that.

But there is hope and the cycle can be broken.<br />
Ive been out for 5 years now and never again will i tolerate that!!!<br />
"hugs" Feflower