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sexually molested [step dad, uncle, babysitter (M)] and verbally/emotionally abused (mom). it lasts the rest of your life. with me, i try everyday to move forward and i do bit by bit. feel really bad about myself from time to time. but whatever does not kill me outright i battle against- i'm a fighter... feel so very open hearted for any who experience this stuff... take care all...
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I went through something almost the same. I was molested by my uncle, I thought it was for only a summer but I've recovered memories that seem to suggest it was longer. No hypnosis was involved. I've always remembered most of my memories. The body memories came as a surprise to me though. Wasn't expecting to relive the actual memories with all the terror and fear attached to them. It's been a while since the recovered memories started pouring out. <br />
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I hope you reached out for help and you received it. Most people need help when something this traumatic happens to them.

I am 17 years old and have live through almost all of what you have gone through. I hope you have been better and I hope and pray that you have a nice Day!

thx for your sentiments, CTM (great handle btw.) life is what it is for me (i know of no other, after all) so i feel so ordinary. i always try to learn from any/everything that i experience- make it all as useful as possible when i can. but i really do appreciate your comments.<br />
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we all are inundated with the reality that abuse happens and most, unfortunately not all, occurances are supported by laws and public outrage but the public discussion about the long lasting effects of abuse of any kind, whenever in one's life it occurs, needs the majority of the limelight nowl...<br />
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everyone take care out there- i really mean it... :)