I am 16 yrs old. It started when my sister got married, her and her husband and their daughter rented out the basement of our house. Her husband threatened to kill me today, saying that he wanted to break my ******* face. He said he doesn't care about getting arrested. My sister was right there, not doing anything. He said all this to me only because I raised my voice at him yesterday. I am terrified of him now and can't feel safe in my own house. I get penalized for everytime I speak my mind. I don't know what to do.

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I agree with dancing. Fly under the radar when he's around and don't push his buttons. Keep your distance as best as you can, hon. You need to tell your parents or some other trusted adult about your fears. <br />
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My prayers are with you sweetie.

If your parents don't believe you or don't want to help, do make sure you have a room to lock yourself into and do call the cops if needed. However, and this is important too, don't provoke him. If you provoke him into anger, you may not be able to escape before he hurts you. Be polite, stay away, and try to get your parents to get them to move out.

Thank you all for your advice and comments, I do appreciate it.

I can almost guarantee he is doing something to your sister, whether it is emotional, verbal, or physical. You have the right to speak your mind to anyone, should you be respectful? Yes you should, but it is your parents job to correct you and if he can assault you, anytime someone threatens you with physical harm that is assault according to the law, he deserves to be disrespected. He is disrespecting not only you and your sister but your parents as well. He is living in your parents house and I would venture to guess he is feeling quite incompetent and insecure so he is taking it out on everyone else. I would worry for your neice as well as your sister. If you can avoid speaking to him or being in the same room as him if you do have to stay, then just stay away from him entirely. I would pull your mom and dad aside and tell them exactly what happened, and admit you raised your voice but stress the fact that he said he would hurt you and that you are scared. I would also get a tape recorder so that if it happens again you have proof. Seems like your sister is the "good little wife" and she wouldn't stand up to him no matter what and it is most likely because he terrifies her too. Your niece will end up with a guy like this if he is allowed to do these things. Continue to stress to your dad especially how he makes you feel and that you are worried he hurts your sister and niece. Don't let him control your life like he does your sister though because then he wins. If you are ever alone with him in the house, leave and go to a neighbor or friends house. Put a lock on your bedroom door and if it happens to you or anyone else in the house again call the cops immediately. This time though he did assault you according to the letter of the law so he could be arrested...Think about it and be safe. Feel free to message me I'd like to help you through this.

You need to call the cops. I am scared for you, and this guy doesn't have any right to talk to you like that. Do your parents know whats going on?

I would have to agree with caligirl. he is almost surely controlling or mean to your sister but he wouldn't do that in public, esp. not at HER parents house. Guys like that usually try to keep things like that hush hush. As far as the fear you have of him, keep expressing this to your parents or another adult that you can confide in. Stay away from him, if he is in the main part of your house, go to your room. It isn't fair that you have to run and hide in your own home but until you can get to a safer place it might be the only way to ensure your personal safety. You don't want it to get to the point that he does use physical force on you. Keep safe hun and if he does lay a hand on you, AT ALL IN ANY WAY, call the cops. Let him explain to them why he felt the need to touch a 16 year old, they are not going to be as leanient on him as your parents! Good Luck and STAY SAFE hun. If u need me, just write!!

He is only this way to me because I say things that "little girls" aren't supposed to. I told my sister that he is not my father and he said "never talk to my wife like that or we'll see what happens to you". She isn't experiencing problems with him, but I can't believe she's so blind to not see how he's strongly intimidating me. She supports him in everything he does. My parents live in the same house with us but they think he just has anger problems. They don't see it as a big deal. <br />
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Thank you for reading and commenting.

If he can talk this way to you for raising your voice at him, imagine what he's like to your sister. I'm sure she didn't react because he's taught her not to. I'm sure she's afraid also not only for you but for herself as well. Who knows. I really hope that you find your way out of this violence.