WHEN i met my son father he was the most nicest guy ever when i found out i was having a baby i told him and he was happy than he started to show his true colors he was their at all my appointments and was there when i gave birth and this is my boy friend first child. when i was 5 months pregnant she slap me punch me and slam me on the floor and i forgave me i am always forgiving him he always promise that he is going to stop be he didn't Sunday that just pass he hit me and i kick him out with his clothes but now i feel depress because he hasn't call to see how his son is doing and now i feel sad but i am don't want his abuse no more but i still want him in my life and my son life

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It is so, so very hard when you are first without the man ... I felt the same way. It is true, I went back 6 times, the 7th time isn't happening because of friends i made on this site. You and your baby don't need abuse, you must make yourself stay safe. It is so very hard though, the loneliness is incredible. Many of us have done it and you can too.

i looking for any women that may have been abused<br />
by thier husbands who are or was a marine at camp lejeune in north carolina at any time. im here to help a friend who is going through some really bad things that her husbands puting her through. please e-mail me, or write back thanks.

Wow I just read my previous comment and I am so sorry for the lack of compassion :( must have been a bad day. Of course you are depressed and miss him, doesnt make you weak or weird. I still have days that I miss my husband, believe it or not. Its more me missing the thought of the husband I should of had, or missing the "good" him (cause when they are good, they are real good). But thank to god and what I believe was his intervention I dont have the option of being suckered back in, so I guess I have it easy compared to the rest of you. On average it takes a woman 7 tries to actually leave an abuser, but that is assuming you get to that 7th try...sadly many dont make it that far. Violence escalates and whats to say the next time he goes off wont be the last time...who will be there for your son? Stay strong, talk about it as much as possible...keep reminding yourself of the pain, you need to remember it (nomatter how upsetting) to keep it from happening again. If nothing else you can message me 24/7 and vent, I am always here to lend a shoulder!!

It is normal for you to be depressed and miss him. But pleaselisten to yourself and don't give in. At this moment, you two are in the honeymoon stage. Sooner or later, he will be his true self again. People like that don't tend to change. The decision you made was the right one. But please, don't let it happen again because it will.

My question is why would you want a man that beats women (pregnant women at that) to be around your son? Is this what you want him to see and learn. When he has a girlfriend would it be ok for your son to beat her? Violence tends to repeat in children that were raised in violent homes. Keep reading the stories here and you will see you have alot in common with the others, pay close attention to what happened to them and what has been the end result of stayin! Good Luck hun!