My Husband Wants To Kill Me

This story has been years in the making and has now reached a  critical boiling point.  My husband and I have been married for 5 years and it has not been the happiest of marriages.  More than once it has gotten physically violent and once resulted in me going to the hospital.  I have finally gotten up the courage to leave him and have been trying to get things in order to do so secretly.  I had been stashing money into a new bank account and had put a deposit down on an apartment to leave ASAP but the apartment will not be ready till March 3rd.  Last week my husband was placed in an inpatient medical facility for all his various problems that he is being medicated for and also Homicidal thoughts towards me and threatening suicide when he found out that I was leaving.  I dropped off the necessities that he needed while being there yesterday and he admitted to me to still having the homicidal thoughts and even admitted this to his mother today.  He also said he was going to be released either Friday or Monday.  I really have no friends here because anytime I want to go out and do something with friends he gets very upset with me.  All the while during his visit saying that he wants maritial counseling to try to save our marriage and asking me if I would agree to it.  I am scared out of my mind about him coming home and I have no way to leave here.  I cannot just go to a shelter because of my dogs.  They are not safe to leave here with him either because this past year I found out how some of his former pets really died at his hands when he got angry.  I do not know what to do.  All of my spare money has gone to getting this apartment but I do not feel safe in this house.  I am scared out of my mind right now and do not know what to do.   I do not understand how they are releasing him while he is still having these awful thoughts.  I guess that's just our good ol healthcare system at work yet again.

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i know what you are saying i have the same problem no were to go and animals i got dont want to leave them behind as he gets angry with them try to keep the peace but it never works

can someone tell me what to do about my husband who wants to kill me but can,t find me. How can I stop him finding me. He is looking for me in brazil but soon he will realise i am in uk

What in the hell kind of comments are you all making to this lady? Get out, run far away. First you think, then you act. If he's having homicidal thoughts, you do NOT stick around for him to act. It shouldn't even be a question. The time you spent typing this plea should have been spent with your pedal to the metal speeding away from Mr. Psychopath. It's unfortunate you got this far and he knows people you love and care about. He may try to retaliate or spread his misery, but you should not remain in a relationship with a murderer-in-training. He can get help for himself, but you don't want to be a blip on some psychiatrists notepad as your not sure I can call him that, as your cellmate gets his jollies off by robbing you of your youth and then your life or the life of children that may result. Where in the marriage vows does it say, "So when he's stabbing, choking, strangling or raping you, just smile and show him love and compassion." ? Get out, get out, get out!

I love animals, but if there is a severe risk of your wellbeing v's your pets, it's not a choice.<br />
<br />
I hope you find a solution to both, but make sure your priority is yourself.

Abused shelters will make efforts to help you, if you will contact them. You need outside help to survive, and you can give the dog to someone who will promise to take care of it. Contact Pet Smart or equivalent and see if they won't provide a referral to someone looking for a good dog. Take care of your pets, sure, but if you are not healthy, you can't look after them, so you have to protect yourself. Get help!