Battered Remnants

I just want to know when is it all going to end?  I left my severely abusiveh usband on July 19, 2006 and went into a address confidentiality program in another state.  After leaving I saw not only how my life was drastically changes but the lives of my four children.  One with PTSD another with severe anxiety another with severe emotional trauma and the fourth un touched until recently. i have done everything i was told to do by professionals and it has not been good enough the X's supervised visits were removed and he got regular visitations after christmas.  My oldest son is 11 and back in a hospital for the fourth time because he cant deal with all of this.  CPS is involved again and the X was told no contact pending investigation and well he keeps calling keeps showing up every other weekend to try and get the kids has harrased me and now is harrassing my friends and now calling the school were the kids go.  He said he has filed a police report against me for not allowing him access to the children,  He has filed contempt charges and I go to court in march.  What in the world  I was told by CPS if I give him the kids then CPS will take them away from me for putting them in harms way, but, yet he is so relentless in trying to get the kids and talk to them.  There is so much more pain and grief this is just the most recent.  HELP I need someone to talk to you who has been in this same boat.  I am so frustrated where is the justice in properly assured protection for your children and yourself in these situations.  when does it all end and you can get on with your lives with freedom.  It has been almost 4 years and he is still so relentless and he even remarried for the 3 rd time.   Why cant he just leave us alone and we all can get on with our lives?  The kids dont want anything to do with him and are scared to death of him.  I just need to hear assurance that it will all be okay and we are going to get through this fine.  Any advice anybody?

GodsGrace2010 GodsGrace2010
31-35, F
Feb 23, 2010