Husband Killed By Drunk Driver

I am Jade and my husband Lance was killed by a drunk driver 3 years ago.He was coming home from seeing a friend of his.A drunk going the wrong way hit him and killed him.Was hit on the drivers side real hard and died on the scene.I get the phone call,get told my husband was killed in an accident and I am in tears.Luckily my mom was there and I told her the devistating news.It was very hard for my 11 year old son DJ and he was 8 at the time.He was devistated losing his father that he truelly loved and had a really hard time with it.He has been over it ever since thanks to seeing a grief consolerThe driver ran from the scene and it took two weeks to find him.The man whom did this plead guilty to vehicle manslaughter and was very remorseful and sentence to 10 years in prison.I do have a tattoo in memory of him,a Lincoln emblem in memory of him and he loved Lincolns.My son keeps a very special picture by his night stand with his father including himself,both of them holding a fish they both catched and they loved to go fishing together.
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congratulations and all the best,to all of you

I am looking forward,have a fiancee Chad in my life now and we are getting married on Jan.12,2012.been so great to my son and I.I know Lance is looking down and sees I have moved on with my life

Sorry for your loss but hope you are now starting to look forward.Any one who drinks and takes drugs then drives should have licence removed and if the injure some one should be attempted murder and if some one is killed through DD or DRUG should be a life sentance,I know this wouldn't bring your Hubby back but if in USA and other countries perhaps people might just think and not drive when intoxicated .