Unbearable Marriage

I don't want to go on and on, because I feel stupid. I feel like I saw signs before we were married,
before the first child, before the second.
I knew he has major issues. His mother was a severe pill popper who was too selfish to be real mother, died last year.
His on again off again father, a wife abuser who was cold and unaffectionate. Now he is exactly like the both of his parents.
I had experienced fits of rage, carrying groceries up to the apartment, if the elevators were not there at perfect timing
and people didn't hold doors open, he would freak out. On our wedding night, I was 8 months pregnant, he threw all the
plastic forks and knifes against the wall because there were no serving spoons. After our wedding my aunt invited us down
to the cottage for our honeymoon getaway. He didn't want to go because he didn't have any marijuana. I convinced him to go,
as we were in the car I was putting on my jacket, as it wa cold and rainy. As I was putting my arm through one of the
sleeves my arm popped out an hit him in the head, I said sorry but he immediately bashed me in the ear.
That was the first and only time in 7 years that he ever got physical with me. But when it happened, I had him pull over
and I got out in the pouring rain, just minutes from my aunt's house. Crying, wet, battered in the ear, I was stunned,
I could not believe it. Why was this happening, he could not control his temper his rage. I wanted to run, but I had just
got married, I was about to give birth in a month.

The rest is history now. He is worse today. It is unbearable. I like to go to church on SUnday with the kids, he would
not help me with the kids but make things harder for me, by blowing up, screaming in the middle of service "I am never
coming back here again with the kids, they are too much to handle". Then on the way home from church he had a various road
rage incident and proceeded to drive upwards of 140 mph with 2 children under 2 in the car.

I play a role to, because I am the fuel in his tank. I ignite the flame. Some days I find myself igniting the candle quickly
because I know he will be in a rage when he comes home from work he always is. I often express my concerns to him and he
tells me I am nagging, bitching. I turn into crazy wife that is trapped in this intolerable cruelty. He will proceed to
turn over and take a nap while I take care of the two children the dog and the house all on my own. HAd I known life would
be like this I would have not married him. But I wasn't thinking about that. I wanted children so bad, I never thought that
when the children came how his behaviour would affect them, but it has, and does. He yells at my oldest child the boy, and
favours our youngest the girl.

I cry everynight because I know that it is over. However, he has me financially dependant on him with 2 children under 3.
I have family that I can go to but I am scared to make the plunge. If it was just me it would be easy, but I have to make
a decision for the children. I know that they will be better off, I am just scared to make the leap. I wish I could just
have my entourage come in and pack my bags and move me to my own apartment with the kids.

He says things like, "if you ever leave me I will fight you tooth and nail for the children". I can't imagine getting away
from him. Although I find myself daydreaming about my life minus all this chaos and pain. He says its me. I nag, I *****,
I am never satisfied with what he does, or his favorites, "it's all in my head; you want yes man; that's TV not real life".

I am so done. I am living in a glass box, I see out, but I can't get out. I am extremely educated and flabergasted that this
could happen to me. I am embarassed. I sometimes think, is this something, that I am garbage. I know thats the thoughts and
feeling fueled by the abusive cycle. Some days I am so exhausted from constantly dealing with it, that I just pretend that I am happy to get through the day without any diruptions from my husband. I am constantly trying to accomodate and appease him. The tears are running down my face.
I know its unhealthy, disfunctional, but I am scared to go.

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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I AM FREE!!! I have fled the matrimonial home to a Women and Children's shelter. I am finally free of the abuse. I am sooooo happy. The people at the shelter are giiving me support and help and I am getting back on my feet again with 2 children. I never thought this day would come. I wish I had done it sooner. Since my son became a victim to my husbands violent temper, rage and outbursts. I want to thank everyone who helped me and encouraged me!!! FREEDOM!@!!!

Thank you to all who have read and commented on my story. I really appreciate the comments, as I look to see what outsiders think. I have decided to get out in August, my youngest will be turning 1. When she born and just days old, my dog got out in the backyard and got sprayed by a skunk. He refused to wash the dog, and blamed me for opening the backdoor. So there I was forced to wash the dog in the bathtub, 3 days after giving birth, I was hemorraging/bleeding all over the dog and the bathtub, crying, how could a man could make a woman who just gave birth do this. Especially the mother of his child. I try to understand, and figure it out everyday. I blame myself for a marriage that is doomed to end. However, I don't think there is any explantion, there is no way to possibly understand this. All I know, is that it is not my fault!!

Don't be scared...I am seven months pregnant and in the same boat. I am not putting up with the current ridicule he is dishing and a year ago, I would have chased him to the ends of the earth, just to have my heart stomped out again...but you have to leave. It will get uglier, but then It will get better...it has to.

Reading your story Breaks my heart! There is hope! There are organizations and people who WILL help you and your kids! You DO NOT have to stay in that situation! you are worth more you and you kids deserve better i wish i could help., I myself just got out an abusive marriage. It is a long road to healing but you can do it. <br />
If you ever need to talk, i would love to be there for you.