My Ex Girlfriend......

Man, some of the **** her and her mom put me through was just unreal. How many guys break down to the point of crying like a little baby, or hurting inside so much that they think of stabbing themselves in the heart just to make it stop. Totally messed up.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

It happens buddy.I was married and she had her kids my step kids say things about me to the police.I rode around for three days with two rifles and a would anyone believe me ..well I checked myself in and it isn't an easy road but I'm still alive.<br />
She knew the most important thing in my life was to be a good dad to her boys and our twin sons.she tried to take that from me.she knew I had a plan two amd a half years later the truth is coming out .<br />
.it is called being controlled ...I learned from her..the person who lives the least controls the relationship..<br />
.I hope things are better for you ....if you need someone to talk to send me a private message and ill be here for are not alone. Cowboy 8)