Please Don't Hurt Me If You Love Me, Please Let Me Go If You Don't Love Me

What should I do? I gave all I have to him.. I thought he love me, but I can't stand it anymore..

He shout at me whenever he is angry, accusing me although it is not my fault.
He shattered everything if I do wrongs.
He hit me if I talk more when we quarrel.
If I don't talk, he shout at me.
He shout at his own mom when he is angry.
He do not want me to help my friends when they need.
He do not want me to go back to my own hometown.
He took away my virginity, spoil me with love-making, although I am not willing to "make" it with him.
He hurt himself if I try to leave him. (This happen too often, it make me sick!)
He said he wanted to make me pregnant so that I will stay with him.
He said he trust me, but he stalk me all the time.
He beat anyone who tries to hurt me, no matter who they are and no matter they do it intentionally or not.
He took lots of my money and never pay it back.
He took every thing that he wants from me.

I don't know how to leave him, I love him.
He is not a forgiver. He will not forgive anyone that step on him.

Please save me... I don't want to stay like this...
I have emotion express disorder...
I don't want to end up staying in mental hospital...
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4 Responses Sep 20, 2010

To love another, you have to first love yourself. You don't love yourself. If you did, you wouldn't be with him. <br />
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It is scary, but find a support network. Hopefully, your family you can go to. If not, find two of the smartest people replying here to you. Rely on their advice and do it when it seems to make sense. If you are not sure about one person's advice, then take that advice to the second person that you rely on who is smart. If they say, wow, that is good advice, then trust it and follow it. <br />
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You first have got to get yourself away from this person.<br />
<br />
Then you can work on your other issues. Solve them all with help from smart people. There is nothing wrong with that, and no, it doesn't mean you're mental. Friends helping each other is normal. Even dolphins help each other and we're much more complicated than that. <br />
<br />
Good luck. There are people here and elsewhere who will help you, and yes, you will get happiness in the end.<br />
<br />

Honey you have to be really strong think about yourself and where you want to be in the future. I was in an abusive situation too and I left because of my kids. I became independant and he became a nothing because without me giving him the strength to keep down grading me to make him feel like a man he had no ammunition. It will hurt when you leave cause I know there are real feelings there but in the long run you will be a stronger woman. In the future look at how a man treats his mother that will tell you tons about a man.. good luck honey

I feel like if your not happy in a situation, leave immediately. Go. Tsukievans is right go to someone who will treat you right not who will have u forced down.

Darling the only one who can save you is yourself ... | Know how you feel i was in a abusive relationship myself for 5years it took me alot to understadn that it was an emptiness i had with myself i started by doing things that wouls fill in the space he iccupied i went back to university did things that would give me something to look forward to be brave you really do not want to live the whole of your lif with a person who does not love you and makes you feel bad xxx good luck xxx