Still Working On It...

I had a partner who emotionally abused me during several months. After over 2 years of being single and working on myself, I just started a new, healthy relationship. I appreciate what I have and I don't want to ruin things with my baggage, but I am so scared of being abused again that I perceive every difference between me and my partner as a threat. When we fight, I blow things out of proportion in an attempt to protect myself. Afterwards I regret doing this, and think that my abuser still has control over me, because what he did to me influences how I behave around my current partner. In sum, I'm letting my past threat my future - How can I stop this???
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3 Responses Oct 6, 2010

If your current partner knows your past I'm sure they will understand and help you through it. Our past experiences make us who we are today, we can't stop it.

it takes time and if you partners willing to stand by you and help you work it out it helps hun theres always going be a part of you you shelter for rest of your life do to the past but you got learn to trust again and love you cant let what someone else did to you effect who you are inside cuz then that person has won and his still has contral in a sick twisted way , from experience am learning all this and it's a long road girl but if you got the support you need you do just fine

Probably only time and reason?