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Tough To Read

Wow, was concerned about coming in here and hearing stories, so sad to hear these stories of women and men who have been abused in various ways.  Sometimes we think words do not hurt but you know what, they do and constant tear downs to a person, whether that is a woman or man is painful.  My hope is that anyone in here that is in an abusive situation gets out and is safe.  Am glad a group like this exists so we can open up.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 7 Responses Aug 30, 2011

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You are a beautiful soul...♥♥♥♥♥

Many people that experience any type of abuse in a relationship, was a witness or experience this as a child. It's familiar to us. Even though it is wrong. Thank you, Romanticdreams

You are very welcome butterfly, thanks for stopping by and commenting

Faith, there is hope but if there has been abuse you need to leave, yes, that's difficult but there are places you can go and be safe. By leaving it may or may not make him aware of what he is doing but the important thing is you need to be in a safe place where you can clearly think and make some decisions. There are many ladies out here that will be very supportive of you and encourage you, give you some great advice, hoping the best for you and please keep us updated. THanks for sharing.

I never thought the man I married 9 1/2 years ago and had a son with would turn out to be a MONSTER! I never thought the man I trusted with my life the man who was suppose to protect me from anyone or thing that tried to hurt me. But as it turns out He is the person I need protection from.<br />
<br />
My story is extreme and I knew it was 2 days ago while sitting in an er room getting 6 stiches in my pinky finger, I knew it was when he threw a $100.00 bill at me and told me to take a cab to the hospital. He was more concerned about going to jail then he was of me. As I sat on the kitchen floor cleaning my own blood he continued to yell at me this was my fault you need to change. I reassured him he would not goto jail because he didnt touch me all he did was make me feel like I was losing my mind with all his emotional, sexaul abuse and they dont arrest you for that. All I did was make him a moterer and say to his family "see I told you she was crazy" I knew it was bad when I wanted to commit suicide just to get away from him and the constant abuse. But after reading all your stories I have hope and I just want to thank you all for saving my life. But I do wonder will it be enough will he be stronger then Iam at this moment...I hope not.

hi yes some people say thing to us like your to fat to skinny we all have feeling and it do hurt i hate name calling abuse thanks you have a great heartwe need more like you

What a beautiful heart you have!<br />
<br />
Yes, abuse of all kinds is unforgivable. And those who perpetrate it over and over are very sick individuals who don't even deserve to be around decent humans until they commit to getting some help and changing.

Thank you girlcapitol, just me. Anyway, yes, abuse of any kind is unforgiveable, agree, the sad part is that many abusers do not see they are doing anything wrong and the person who is being abused, somehow thinks they deserve it OR, they get out of one abusive relationship and quickly end up in another. Support is so important during that time, famly, friends and others.

Venting is a healing to the soul and new friends are just what you need.You can travel anonymously (or not) all the while appreciating that you are not alone and take solace in that others are worse off than you and are enduring.Solutions too you may find as many people on here share their wisdom freely.Have a great day!<br />

Agree Dave, thanks for sharing