In The Midst Of Getting Out

My husband of 10 years is a functioning alcoholic emotional abused. My 16 year old son and I
are the recipients. He's so selfish and controlling. The alcohol makes it 100 times worse because
he is irrational on top of everything else.
He has always been loud, degrading and belittling but one very drunk day a couple of months
ago he jumped on my son. Over absolutely nothing! He got physical so I called the police and had
locked up. I told him I want a divorce. He's being "ok " about it most of the time. I'm buying him out
Of the house. He has another house to go to. We both have a credit card with around $4000. 401k are
Equal.I make slightly more money.
I have no credit so have a hard time getting a loan. Finally found one. He won't leave tip I give him money.
I found out 2 days ago that he spent every bit of our income tax return paying off his credit card. I'm trying
To stay calm but getting angrier and angrier! I've been taking anti depressants and they work!!!
Now he's working on my piece of crape car to make himself feel better. He has 2 autos in better shape than
my car. Gave me the credit card to get new tires. I know this is only for him. Why do I let it bother me?

bjshuf bjshuf
1 Response Apr 15, 2012

Divorce him,but first of all gather all the funds you can and most of all don't move out of your house he may end up with it in the divorce if you leave.Take time and plan it to the T and you'll do okay.You should wind up with half if you have a decent lawyer.Best of luck and hang in there.