Why Would You Say That When It's A Lie? :(

Where do I start? ... I have a reputation at school there are rumors going around they call me Dora cause I have a fringe and I'm Asian. they say "Oh it's Dora she's such a **** she slept with her old boyfriend and now shes doing a year 7 when shes in year 9 why do they keep her at our school!", when really all I ever did was love my old boyfriend he was my first boyfriend ever and I never slept with him they just say that because we were lovey dovey or he put out a rumor because we broke up after a year and he moved :(. Now that I'm happy with my second boyfriend it has to happen again I have to relive this sh!t. Me and my current boyfriend Jack didn't even kiss a lot in public because we were too shy and now there's a rumor that we've already done it and now we can't even hug at school which is the only time I ever see him. And I feel like the ugliest person because of all this would it make them happy to know that? The shy girl who's only had 2 boyfriends is a giant **** for it. I just feel so useless...
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May 5, 2012