Cry Baby

my story is still hard for me to talk about, but i write poems to deal...
this is one of them:

Cry Baby


the girl had no way to tell
how much time had passed
since she has been lying here...

as punishment
her mother
shoved the little girl
into the bathroom
locked the door
turned the lights off
told the 4 year old that
she would never be let out again
till she stopped her insistent crying

terrified of darkness,
she screamed louder
consumed by utter fear,
she screamed even louder
but no one came to her rescue

the girl found a corner
sat down, back against the wall
head buried in her knees
shutting her eyes
as tight as she could

but she couldn't stop crying

her tears falling continuously
onto her little balled up fists

her body shaking violently
as her breath, fast and broken

in this perpetual dark place
the girl sobbed hysterically
drowning in her own tears
she collapsed onto the floor

her tiny face against the tiles
ice cold...

her puny legs kicking the air
across the floor...

slowly opening her eyes
pupils gradually dilated...

between the floor 
and bathroom door
a light coming through...

her gaze fixated 
into that crack of light

and in there, she saw
moving dark shadows
as granny walked past by; 
flickering blue lights
from the tv
as mother turned up the volume; 
then she saw a fly
lingering on a crump on the floor

eyes drying up
face calmer
full attention
on the little creature
busy feasting
on little piece of bread 

the girl felt herself 
smaller and smaller
so tiny, that
she walked right through the gap
towards the winged creature...

all of sudden
off it goes 

and took the girl with it

riding on her new friend's back
the girl lit up with joy!
they flew over mother on the sofa
then out of open living room window

into the blue sky where 
clouds are smiling
sunshine is eternal
and nights never fall
into a new reality where 
she can chase butterflies
she can fly as high as sky
and live happily ever after...
aprilbear aprilbear
May 11, 2012