Trapped No More

You are nobody now.
I deny you
You played mind games
Which drove me to insanity
It wasnt meant to be like that.
But I could not change you.
I was weak unaware and naive
And didnt you play that card well?
There were times I stayed out at work
Not to come home to hear it again..
Everything was my fault
You were so perfect
But something changed
I had lost hope
Lonely and
No where to run. .
But now I stand tall and pity you
You worthless worm
You disgusting excuse of a human being
Now Ive awoken from my slumber
I have grown
Im above you and your crap behaviour
I really dont give a dam what you do
You try to manipulate me
But i send you back to your hole
Where you belong
Who is afraid now?
Not me
I love me now and thats the most important thing of all

To my friends.. Will you rise above it all and be the victor not the victim?
I made my choice. Real love will attract it. Dont be scared we are better than that
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

How did u rise above noone ever gives specific details of how they got out of a bad situation!!!! All these i made it you can too speeches but still no answer as to how!!!

you know are so right. time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and do whats best for me...and thats to live a happy fulfilling life. screw those who try to keep us down...we dont need them. who do they think they are? no more controlling breaking free from this nightmare. im gonna be the strong determined woman i once was. i dont need his bs anymore....i need to be me again! thanks my friend....that helped me. i deserve better and will not settle for anything less.

Thanks my friend.

Congrats on finally breaking free my friend. I wish you much love & peace in all you do from now on. : )<br />
I wish I had that kind of strength. Of course my abuse comes from inside me now. Who needs the abuser when you have their voices in your head 24/7. <br />
<br />
Gentletears xo

Why you guys so easy Way out traditions like no emotions to tempt at least to make a point not to Breaking the points;-(

It never leaves ur head he will haunt me forever it will never stop ;-(