Whats Under The Skin

Not a scatch from you,
these scars are from my own hand,

do you see what you've done to me?

Never again.

the looks you give me are nothing.. 
if words could kill
I would have died when you wanted me to.

You stare at me in disgust..

'Look at your yellow eyes
Why are they yellow?
Demon girl.
Demons have no place here,
for you are a demon..
look at yourself.
Your small, thin, pale,
and your eyes

your words are like daggers peircing through the air,
headed straight towards me,

'Demons must be punished'

'Punished..demon girl, you must be punished..'
You whispered that in my ear
for hours,
slipping death threats or
into my pockets

i could take it no longer,
for i was beginning to believe it..

no ones eyes were yellow..
why was it me?

i stare into the mirror,
my own reflection mocking me,
i can feel your sick presense,
your breath crawling down my neck,
as your ragged voice echos in my mind


todays punishment advice lay on the counter

in neat bubble letters it reads

demons have no blood,
i dare you to test this and cut under your eyes,
maybe you'll bleed the yellow out of your eyes
good luck, demon girl.

a word too familiar,
a word like the family i dont have,
the blade entices me,
wrapping me up safe and sound with my own blood
take the pain away,
take pain away
take pain

a sickening friend,
i reach for the knife,

you want me too bleed?
ill show you..
ill show all of you.

i glare at my relflection

freak i spit at myself
first cut..

misfit i cry
second cut..

unloved i sneer
the cuts are deeper..

stupid i mutter

and deeper..

you and your demon eyes..have no where to go.
and you know it,

my relflection
is broken as the glass in the mirror when i hurl my knife at it

in the fragments of the glass,
i see millions of my image,
my eyes..

my tears mixed with the blood
gashes right under my eyes..

see what you do to me?

all that and the yellow is still there.

i whipe the blood off with the note you gave me.

bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
May 14, 2012