I Am Being Stalked By My Brother

i haven't spoken to my sociopathic brother in 3 years. him, my mother, and his wife abused me in soooo many ways. threaten me, mocked me, bullied me, stole from me, denied me food when i had no job, my mother would tell people in my buildin not to hire me for any babysitting jobs or cleaning jobs. to hire my sisterinlaw instead. she also helped get my brother a job. i was jobless, hungry, and alone. to top it all of i was constantly being bullied/harrased by all three. this all began because i stood up for my sister inlaw when my brother wanted to hit her (as usual). eventually they moved out but the harrassement did NOT end there.

my brother went out of his way to put as many people as he could in our family against me. he succeeded with some. still that wasn't enough to satisfy his appetite for sadistic pleasure of control.

when ever my parent's weren't at home (like on the weekends) him and his wife would show up just to give me dirty looks, say indirect insults meant for me, do everything they could think of to push my buttons. after a while he began to convince others to force me to speak to him again. i noticed how some people would answer my call, calling me by my brother's name right away before i even got a chance of saying "hello". or if not they would answer my calls by calling me by my sister inlaw's name. example: ring ring (they answer) and say hello lisa! lisa! lisa! i would say no...it's veronica. they would say oh i thought it was lisa. i asked why would you think that when you hadn't even heard my voice yet?!

i know how manipulative my brother is and i know he put this person up to that. other people just bring him or her up out of nowhere and tell me a recent story about something they did together. 0_o i know he is behind that. he keeps trying to make my mother make me talk to him.

i remember one time i came home and my brother was sitting down in the living room facing my mother. as soon as i walked in he gave my mother a look and she nodded her head yes. she called me over. i kept my didtance and only looked at her then asked her what she wanted. she said i want you to talk to your brother! i was furious!!! for her to even think that i would speak to that man after everything him and his masochistic wife did to me. i said no. and went to my room.

i've had several people tell me to talk to my brother. atleast as hi and bye. i get sooooo angry. how dare they ask me to speak to him as if nothing has happend. ofcourse it's easy for them to say that. they aren't the ones whom went through what he put me through. they weren't the once afraid of coming home, going to bed hungry because those greedy, coldhearted people hid all the food in their room. threatning to hit me, standing outside my room door smashing pots and pans together while i was sleeping, spreading false rumors about me to others saying i was doing drugs or having orgys in my room, going through my things, the list goes on and on and i cannot believe my ears when my other family members tell me to atleast talk to him as hi and bye.

i noticed how shameless he is. he sends others to come and get me to go and talk to him. if he were truely sorry he would come up to me himself (1st of all) and apologize. but he would never ever apologize. he wants me to go and beg him to be another one of his slaves.

right now he knows i am alone in the house and is driving around this area. my doorman just told me. he lives 1 hour away, he has no business around here. he is doing it on purpose. i am not sure what his intentions are. but i am afraid. my doorman who knows everything called me to warn me to lock the doors of my apartment that my brother was driving around. it's sad when all the doormens in this building watch out for my safety more than my own mother.

i feel like if my brother could he would kill me, and so would my mother. definitely my sister inlaw. i truely feel my life is in danger. i thank God i am atleast taking the right steps to moving out so they won't know where i live anymore. i know anyone who may read this would think i am exagerrating but it's so much that they have done to put in words. i could definitely write a whole novel with everything that has happened, everything they've done to me, and i plan to. had it not been for me threatning to call the cops on them when they all wanted to physically hurt me i would have been another sylvia likens. GOD BLESS MODERN AMERICA!!!<3

i can't help but wonder what my brother is planning to do now. he is literally obsessed with me and so is his wife. she copies EVERYTHING i do. from my hair color, cuts, to the way i dress. i don't know what to think. i just know i need to get out of here asap. my mother is a monster. how could she be so cruel and support her own daughter being harrassed, bullied, and the victim of false rumors. he just won't leave me alone. why can't he just leave me alone?! sometimes i wish for a strong boyfriend just because i know that as soon as he sees me being protected by a man he'll be too scared and move on to his next victim. ofcourse my mother has never wanted to meet any of my boyfriends, and if i were to get married my husband would never be allowed to come in the house. but my aunt would definitely invite him and me to one of her house parties. my mother and brother would have a panic attack. like "uh oh someone is here that might defend her and stop us from using her as our emotional punching bag" my brother definitely first would try to get my mother to convince him that i am no good, ect. and he should leave me.

it's funny and sad how i already know what they'll do to hurt me. i need to get them out of my life. as scared as i would be to be on my own. it's better to fear bills then people.
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hi thanks for the card .... thank you for the card. <br />
<br />
I understand how you feel. it took me 35 years to tell my whole family off after I was raped and had a stroke... I stayed quiet while they raged and unrelentlessly attacked me. <br />
<br />
even a cousins daughter accused me of abusing her just because I couldn't understand what she was saying when she was 3 or 4 it took me awhile to work out she wanted to go to the toilet ... well did she make me feel guilty for that as if I had molested her face out and I never touched the brat cow... <br />
<br />
if you don't give it back I fear you will end up like me having a stroke and being raped. but you should cope with it as you feel right for you!<br />
<br />
I wish you good luck!

thnx. at times i do daydream about getting revenge, but i try to work against it.

now that you mention it i have had several seizures despite taking my medication. my dc said it was due to stress. i know they are the ones whom stress me out.

never forget you are a wonderful person no matter how others choose to treat you.

when I was 7 my mother attacked me with a baby bottles brush and shoved it down my throat til it bled and she got people to abuse me... they all knew my great uncle was molesting me because he had molested my father as a child also ... but they always made me out to be the dirty little girl rather than get me proper help ... <br />
<br />
so not only did I get bashed and molested by my drunk abusive great uncle I was also being bashed around by my mother and father... sometimes very satisticly.... my sister used to do the same evil twin games on me copying clothes and she would turn up to places telling people she was me and I was her ... <br />
<br />
she even blinded me one after noon throwing saw dust into my eyes and got me lost deliberately. <br />
<br />
my brother and his wife are ar se hol es. there is no other way to put it... his wife is a control freak meglo manic and she is a bully and used to being sexual centre of attention with all men.. she threw an orange hard into a little childs back in a shop. she is a terrible mother and she thinks she is better than everyone else around her... she puts me and my sister down all the time.

I have been through the same thing you have to fight back n get angry at them demonstrate your anger at them but keep within limits. tell them you wont leave home til your ready they are playing evil twin witchcraft on you. do it back. name and shame all their mistakes. let them know that you can go to the court office and get a protection against domestic violence.. go see a good legal worker and psychologist. get them to help support you value system. <br />
<br />
tell your family they are doing satanic acts on you ... do it back if you have to <br />
<br />
plan it and write it down... do what ever it takes to make them stop abusing you. <br />
<br />
they have no right to do satanic things on you its evil and will not help you<br />
<br />
that is how I got raped.

wow you went through so much more than i did. i hope you have healed from your experiences. thnx for the advice xoxoxo

Here's the website for the national domestic violence hotline: www.ndvh.org. On the site you can speak with a counselor that maybe able to help you with your situation and provide you with assistance.

thank you soooo much