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Someone please help me . Im 13 & I was just beaten by my sister , while my mom just watched & then berated me like i was in the wrong . So , i left to my best friends house . His mom is willing to take custody of me & that is what i want . My mom wants to move out to leave me whith my dad who likes to watch *********** with teenage girls witch makes me feel unsafe . I dont want to be in this enviornment , please anyone , HELP .
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1 Response May 24, 2012

The first thing that you need to do, if you are serious and serious about moving in with another family, is pick up the phone, call the police and have them come take a statement about what happened. It will be scary, but in order for your friend's mom to seriously have temporary, foster custody of you, Child Protective Services will need to be involved. The police will inform them next, and you will be assigned a caseworker, whose job it will be to conduct a further investigation.<br />
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Your sister has committed what is called, 'battery' against you, and that's against the law, even if you both are minors. Your mom, I'm sorry to say, just simply isn't right in the head, and I think you know that. Your dad? You shouldn't even entertain going there, either, and you should let the caseworker know why. He could end up fighting for custody of you otherwise.<br />
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If you have any noticeable injuries, you need to take photos of them right now; have your friend's mom do that.<br />
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If you don't report this? Your friend's mom will not have the legal 'documentable evidence' she will need in order to get guardianship over you, and she will need that, in order to take you to doctors appointments, enroll you in school, etc. etc..<br />
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This is probably going to be one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but if you don't report it, she will no doubt report you as a runaway, and next thing you know, you will have a juvenile probation officer instead of a caseworker. The court system is overloaded as it is... you don't want to be added to it on the wrong side of actual help. Be strong, little one... I'm so sorry you've had to endure this trauma, but confronting your abusers is the first step to getting past it, and it sounds like you need to be in a safer refuge. Peace and love... please keep me updated on here, okay?