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Well, no time to dilly-dally. Imma start with recently, I get called stupid, mainly because I act weird, and I know its stupid (no pun intended) but after hearing that for part of my life it does hurt. And my sister, whom moved in a year ago, hasn;t been making anything better, now she's giving me the cold shoulder again, because I try to take up for myself when she yells, at me and I tell my mom, and since she's been home, my sister is disrepecting my mother and grandmother. She told my mom she wanted to beat her up and punch her because my sis bumped her head and expected my mom to rub it, after she was mean to her. I have never felt so much rage in my house before. She told me I call her names (which 1) isn't true, we weren't brought up to call eachother names and 2) I'd call her ma'am. Whenever she tries to play the role of my mom I say that, but yesterday I said "Hiya Ma'am (not in the same diolouge I would if she was lecjering me) and she said I was calling her names. She's 21, btw, but now I'm tired, and I mean I wanna lie in bed all day tired, last year in 7th grade I almost failed and a majority of the reason was because of her :( I wish she'd move out and the family laptop was open so she got on my facebook and (i was in the bathroom but I got a funny feeling to go downstairs) when I got scared and started crying she had this crazy creepy mean smile grin, like the one the Grinch got (oh and Im 13 and ALOT of the times I joke with her but she takes things seriously, she yelled at me for a dollar, one stupid dollar) and was laughing (sadistc) when I was truly upset, so yesterday she said she needed to use the internet so i logged out my account and she had a damn B**** fit because if it. So, yeah, and I same the same room with her :/
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It's wrong that she would say those things to you, to all of you...I know it's hard, and I'm sorry that you're having to go through this. TRY (try being the operative's easier said than done) not to let it get to you, and, most importantly, do NOT let the things she said get into your head. You're young and strong, and you're smart to reach out and let others know what has been going on. Keep that in mind when she starts on her tirades. Your sister needs help, before she hurts you or anyone else.
Some resources: The National Domestic Violence Hotline National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
I hope things get better. <3 Stay strong

@KrisiLove, aww thank you, and thinks are slowly getting better, thank you soo much! *kisses your cheeck*

:( thats unfortunate. But i'm sure you'll rise above. You've helped me with a speech i'm writing :)