Why My Name Is "brokenlikeaturtleshell"

During my therapy after finding out I had PTSD, my therapist also made me aware that I had no sense of self. She gave me an assignment to come up with an email that was just about me. Could not be anything related to my Husband or kids. I went home and thought about it forever and found it very hard to come up with something about only me.
When I was a toddler, my Dad would read me books about animals. I could name every animal, but when I would see a turtle, I would call it "Henry". I had a love for turtles at an early age. I have owned turtles as pets throughout my life. I have a pet turtle now and his name is "Henry" of course. I also have a birthmark that looks like a turtle. I knew I had to do something around turtles. I am also part Cherokee and Cato Indian. More Cherokee, so I looked up the Cherokee Legend about turtles. This is the rough draft, not quoted. Many years ago there was a turtle roaming the land alone. He came across a bird and they became friends. The turtle wanted to fly like the bird. The bird offered to fly the turtle around so he could see what it was like to fly. They took off in the air and the turtle became so excited that he forgot to hold on. He fell to the ground and his shell busted into many pieces. The turtle could not live without his shell to protect him. Quickly the bird and some other animals came together and pieced the shell back together to save the turtles life.
After I read the legend, I knew what to use for my new name. I was the broken turtle shell and my friends and family were helping piece me back together. They were helping me survive. I know that I am broken from my past, but my future will be better because I have the support of friends and family :)
Brokenlikeaturtleshell Brokenlikeaturtleshell
36-40, F
Sep 12, 2012