I Believe I'm Being Emotionally Abused??

It's a long story so I'll put it into points
I've been married for 10yrs
We have 4 beautiful daughters
My husband refuses to support ys financially
He belittles us/sweArs at us
Refuses to allow me out with friends
Constantly excuses me of having affairs
He decided when I was heavily pregnant with our 2nd child to not work anymore, which left me to work and try to pay for everything which didn't work and fell behind on mortgage repayments, the house that I put £145.000 into was repossessed
I was then declared bankrupt as get grew mire depts through wasting money rather than paying bills
He has never bought a thing for our kids, clothing/presents/days out/food
He never gives us any affection
He has taken out a social fund loan in my name useing my national insurance number, I wasn't aware but now have to repay it
I have just been charged with benefit fraud
Because I informed the benefits he was working/paid 4 weekly, he had to take them his first wage slip, promised me get had(but hadn't) so I got prosecuted through his laziness/lies
My husband ignores us, when he does communicate its nastiness/swearing telling the kids to "**** off"if they ask for a hug
For years I've struggled, tried to make it better, he even convinced me I was mad and I went and got help from the mental health team, I've tried to ask him to try counselling, he isn't interested because hessays he is doing nothing wrong it's all me, I have issues, when I try to end it he has tried to commit suicide previously, life is very draining right now, it's so hard because I have a 2/4/7/9 yr old and also am starting to feel I'm on my own in this, advice please???
kerryanneb kerryanneb
31-35, F
Sep 21, 2012