I Want Out

My story is classic emtional abuse to a tee. I am 37 and it's been 5 years of belittling, berating, blaming, name calling, diminshing, accusing, bullying etc etc etc. I will spare you the details. I just need out. I need help to get out. I am alone. My friends are gone, he has hijacked a good portion of them, they are his friends now and I must accept and forfeit them. But I need a support system to get out and stay out. He breaks up with me every couple of weeks then comes back for more, and I keep letting him like a fool.

How do I get out of this hell? Help me! I am drowning in misery,
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He will never change, believe me, I am someone who understands and shares your pain. You are still so young and you deserve a good life!!! So just go, you are stronger than you know.

To both of you, you are involved with a Narcissist. The best way to get out is to RUN and don't make contact with the person again under ANY circumstances. I can recommend a good forum for advice and healing from this kind of abuse as I have been involved in a marriage like this and I got out and I have come a long way since he left me with no self esteem and selt hatred. The board/forum is Narcissistic recovery. Here's the link: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/narcissism-recovery
I hope you will join us and we can help! We offer support and encouragement

Hi, I'm new to all of this. Iv just come across ur story upon looking, I understand what u r saying and was going through the same thing myself. I have left the relationship although the abuse still continues. Right down to the point of I don't know who I am anymore. Do u have any good family members or friends 2 help u through this? Wihtout mine I don't know where I would be. Its good 2 talk and sometimes the person u least expect will be there 2 help x