My Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Hi I'm sarah and I am in an emotional abusive relationship. My partner of 4 years turned 3yrs ago and has increasingly got worse. I have 2 children to him, and don't feel leaving to be an option. He has threatened me to hurt and kill me, he has threatened to turn my kids against me if I left him. Its difficult and recently it has been making me feel more and more depressed to a point I would consider suicide as a way out. Right now I dont feel too bad, but at times I have everything planned on how I would end it. It wont stop and I feel so trapped. I need people to talk to, a little support. I have experienced depression in the past and the thought of going through all that again with looking after my 2 kids is killing me. I love my children, and I feel selfish, but I don't know what else to do.
Happydoo Happydoo
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012