Wouldn't it be amazing if the world ceased.......if all of mankind went out in a blaze of glory. No more weight suffocating, no more monster making us cry with fear, hate, pain and misery. No more envy of those who were fortunate enough to not have the toxic life i endure. No more black eyes, bruises, strangulation, and destroyed property. Maybe be fortunate enough to find heaven, or nirvana. And even if there was nothing after it all ended, it would be an improvement to the agonizing, dragging life I was cursed with.
starlesscatharsis starlesscatharsis
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I guess most of us are looking for some sort of peace. I think you need to take everything and put it in a box. Only open the box if you are feeling safe to do so...hope I'm understanding you...John (Chinchillaman)