You Never Realize

How is it most of us do not realize we were that person abused until we get out of the relationship. I was married to a man with bipolar disorder I always thought it was me until I got away from him. Now I am trying to find away to heal from 15 years of his rants and abuse. Boy this is easier said than done!
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Same thing, you only see it after you break up. Thats when you start to look back on everything and remember, and realise thats not normal...I dont even know how to deal with it still. But we will all get there, all the best.

Wow you sound like me. Really you dont see a clearer picture until your out and can take a step back and look. I still find it hard to live a normal life, whatever that is lol but at least a life with peace. I have been away from my ex for 9 months now and still there are days i question myself and Then realize WOW i can do what i want. Make my own decisions for once without worrying about the consequences. Its liberating. Keep strong hon and walk the road of peace.

you're right even aftet they're gone it's still hard. But, don't give up, keep going.