What Dealing With Abusive People Is Like

A man beats away a wolf with a stick for many years. Day after day, the wolf returns to the man's house snarling, only to be beaten away with the stick again. One day the man gets to his house, and the window is open. "No big deal" thinks the man. "There's no way the wolf can get in through there". The man goes inside his house, closes the door and goes to sleep.

The next morning the wolf is in the kitchen licking its lips. It has eaten all the food. The man goes to pour some cereal but... there is no breakfast. The wolf looks at him expectantly and growls. The man hurries off to work to make some more money to buy groceries.

On his way back from work the man buys some groceries. On returning to his house he sees it is ransacked, the wolf was not content just to eat groceries but has made a mess of the place too. It growls at the man again and eats all his groceries. The man realizes he has nothing to eat and breaks down in tears.

The next morning the man wants to go to work. But he is too weak to get out of bed. The wolf ate all his food and he does not have the energy to move his legs. The wolf appears, still growling. The wolf eats the man.

The man's mistake was in not closing the window.


A man beats away a wolf with a stick for many years. He can see it approach on the horizon, see its pointed teeth and hungry eyes. But to the man the wolf is no threat. He sends it away effortlessly. Every day the man yells "Go away, wolf, leave me alone. I don't have anything for you here."

Each day the wolf comes back. The man gets bored. He is tired of having to fend off the wolf everyday, and he sees there is no point to it. Why can't the wolf go and hunt some sheep for a change? He asks his friend what to do, and his friend tells him to get some wolf wire. He gets some and puts it around the edge of his house, hoping it will deter the wolf.

The next day the man comes home and yet again, there is the wolf. The man finds his trusty shotgun and kills the wolf.

The wolf's mistake was in not leaving the man alone.
iamawake iamawake
Jan 15, 2013