My Years In Hell

this all started when I was 21. I met this guy and we quickly fell in love. He was in the process of getting a divorce and had a one month old child. I quickly fell in love with the child too. We talked of soulmates.. together forever.. within months we were married and I got pregnant. I had postpartum depression after our baby was born and became a mess. I cried all the time and never felt well. In this timespan he went from perfect to horrible. Said I don't love the kids if Idont cheer up. Degraded me if i didn't feel like having sex. Told me I should kill myself. then he left me and my baby at my fathers house with nothing. Would tell me he wanted me just to later say he hates me. I waited on him for months. He filed divorce and says he will hurt me and make my life as bad as he can. I live day by day in fear. My court date is next week and I just foundout he's back with his ex. hasn't paid child support or even seen our kid in ten months. I am on heart pills now and feel so ugly I cant stand to look at myself. I'm in misery
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Just love and take care of your baby and yourself and forget about this awful man. Let the courts handle the child support issue and allow the people that love you to give you the support that you need. You don't need this man in your life or your child's life. Take his money, but nothing else and just move on. You are a mother now, and your child needs you to be strong and to make a happy life for yourself and you certainly will not find it with this person who has hurt you so badly.You have everything wonderful ahead of you, so don't look back!!

Notice something: he dumped his ex right after she had a baby, he dumped YOU right after you had a baby.
It ain't you, it's him...
She's foolish enough to take his worthless *** back.
Don't you be.

You're better off without that useless turd.

Any advice or support would help