Why Daddy

My Name is Heather and i'm 19 years old. Since as long as i can remember my father has emotionally and verbally abused me. He would yell and scream at me for any tiny thing that i did or did not do wrong. He controls me the best he can and tells me who he wants me to be and imposes his crazy ideals on me. He divorced my mother when i was six years old and blames her for everything and says that she holds me back in life. He has scared every girlfriend he has ever had away. He blames me for everything. His abuse has lead me to use self harm to cope with the weekends i spend with him. The worst part is that he yells at me and then tells me he loves me. I have ADHD, and other medical problems including Deppression and specified learning disabilities. I have suffered serverely in friendships and self esteem and confidence. I am especially anxious around men my age, since my father has given mr the fear and anxiety filled idea that all men will hurt me in anyway possible.
Asadabusedgirl Asadabusedgirl
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

You're 19.
You are legally an adult.
...You can stop going over to get traumatized.
You can stop talking to him.
It's okay.