I Know Names Can Hurt But I'm So Use To Them...i Don't Even Feel The Pain.

I am being emotionly abused...and no one seems to care...well in my family I mean. It hurts when your dad hugs every 6 children but me...he takes the family out and I stay home. What did I do wrong? My mom has been better with me nowdays...she isn't yelling as much anymore or throwing things at me. Whenever we get home from church he calls me selfish and that I should have just been put in a home where someone wanted me. They scream at me and say I'm fat...I don't have lunch to take to school I don't eat breakfast and I don't eat dinner sometimes. Usually when they go to bed thats when I eat...cause whenever I make something or eat something they look at me and just say "Aren't you already fat?" and it hurts...I'm trying to lose weight to make them happy. My mom hates that I'm not going to college, first off I have no money and no smarts so why bother? I'll find a job and I'll make it by fine when I leave. I won't be the problem anymore...I should have just run away a long time ago somewhere where i was wanted...and not hated. I want to make them happy cause I love them...even if they don't love me...I do love them so much. Well this was just a story to get off my chest...I feel a bit better now. I'm going to make everything okay with us...and maybe when I leave this stupid state my dad will hug me...is it to much to ask?
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This isn't your fault Liv . And even though my family's ****** . You can always come live with me .(: not even kidding .

thank you