I am a mother of 2 a daughter 17, and a son 13 and also raising my daughters 6 month old daughter...Ive been married 20 yrs, and I guess in a way Ive always been emotionally abused, a few times physically...
But things got worse after my husband completed a tour in Iraq and now especially since I quit my job of 16 yrs to stay home w/ my grand daughter, he constantly throws it up in my face how he's the bread winner and everything in the house belongs to him, the cars etc.... I cannot spend a dime without permission and when I do I get it thrown in my face weeks later. I kill myself to make sure the house is spotless, pack his lunch get his things ready for work yet it's NEVER good enough, I used too much Mayo or there's dust on the TV etc
I'm afraid to mention daily things to him in fear he will go off, he calls me horrible names, tells me how fat I am etc since I have gained a lil since I quit working, but what scares me most is he's starting to emotionally abuse my kids also but we r all so afraid to say anything we just take it. I can't make it financially without him since I gave up my job. I have NOTHING that belongs to me!!! I'm so beat down and so tired I just don't want to live out the rest of my life like this and for my kids to think its ok to treat someone the way he treats us
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You should have belief in you and you should take a brave step now. What you taught is absolutely right, your children will grow up like that. So get a new job and make yourself independent. Find a place where you can live with your children and hire some help for them. Get out of that place..