They Have Officially Started...

My story started, and my relationship ended now more than 24 hours ago on a very bad note. The nightmares have now begun. It is about 6.18am at my location and I woke up with a half panic attack because of the dream I had. He was in it and I was dying for him to give me some attention but all I got was the cold shoulder... and in this dream I felt like I always felt when he decided to be cold toward me but yet in my head I was begging to be shown love and affection. In my dream when I said goodbye.... he did not look up or even respond. How long is it going to take for me to get over this?? Gosh it hurts...
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1 Response Feb 2, 2013

hi :),
ending of a relationship in a bad note or a good not does not make any difference as long as it has ended . If it has ended then let it go, see you have only gained and not lost anything. You are more mature and will hopefully be a better judge of character and will be able to help someone else in their relationship. If you loved this person then you did nothing wrong . It is okay if it hurts it just shows that you are a person who is capable of loving someone very dearly.