My English Teacher

I had got specific english teacher. He was young, maybe well meritoricly prepared to the profession, but his behavior was that inluentive and abusive, that he was able to be hated man by all school environment. Despite of being a motivating leader or a guide for a students, he was a theme of the fright, hate and disgusting. I think also he was weak because there was a while he doubted in his preparation to his profession. He was completely unsocial man. He started to threat all educated class, trying to force dissolving of this class and suspension of all students, making complaint against him to the headmastry. He completety did not listen to warnings made by headmastress of our school, being more and more aggresive and unjustice for the most of the students. Personally, due to his behavior, many of students were close to getting crazy, including me, searching for his name in the base of lecturers in the other academies or language schools. He hearly lead me to get mad, but fortunately unsuccesfully.
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1 Response Feb 3, 2013

That man was a bully! sadly there are lots of those in the so called "caring professions"In my 41 years of nursing I have met many of "little hitlers" for want of a better description,because in caring professions you can if you are so inclined have abuse of power over vulnerable people in your care and professions like nursing are structured on rank hierarchy in the profession and that give bullies a chance to pick on more junior nurses,you will find a lot of bullies in Administration where they can "call the shots",it is often where bullies aim to be: in positions of power.They will "suck up" to colleagues of superior ranks all the while abusing those who are of lesser ranks and gradually will work their way to the top where they can have even more power.They are diabolically clever on how to manipulate others and often sadly a bullying behaviour will be regarded as assertive behaviour in these professions,which could not be any further from the truth,this is why bullies are so hard to get rid of,they also gather other people around them and work in packs when persecuting a "target" who they have first of all managed to discredit to others.Sadly bullies are often active in dysfunctional families where the most vulnerable member is picked upon,when all the others "gang "up on that particular "target".
I hope that teacher was eventually got rid of,you do not say if the rest of the school staff eventually woke up to his behaviour.

You are so right, sadly SO right ( especially about "working in packs" ) ( cuz' "on their own" they're NOTHING, just a bully in need of a BIGGER bully to bully just THEM )