Maybe I should kill myself..I....I. Don't know how to handle this..,.. I.... AAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAH. Going crazy.I can't let psycho people get to me... :/ I dno anymore
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I've felt that way and suicide is not the answer. I tried to commit suicide 3 times last year because I was being bullied at home and found that the pain of being an addict, trying to end it takes a greater toll ...I live alone and still have emotional sexual abuse issues! Am being bullied called fat, ugly plp telling me not worth it and that I should just go kill myself. I don't know what to do about it I am stuck my meds help me be stable and not too depressed but it doesn't make abuse go away (the plp doing it are psychopaths and there is no way I can get them to leave me alone. Getting lonely and socially awkward I don't know what to do either

Never think that will help, all it will do is hurt a lot of people and keep u from experiences that at this time u can't even imagine.

come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest,in your soul this is an invitation from your lord. he is your burden bearer, you are not. allow him to take it from you and walk free as he want s you too

Dont kill yourself for some idiot. Why give him that power? You are better than that. Ask your doctor about support for abuse in your area. But dont hand your life over to a moron. Men who do that are not strong or smart or happy. They know how to trick people and nothing more. A guy who wants to take away your self estem to feel good about himself is not someone who is doing anything other than using another person to feed off

Men like that dont know what love is and in time you will be alot wiser and stronger for this

Isn't that the truth!!!! U nailed it there!!

Thanks :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) yeh he's a loser lol

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Are you still listening to that stupid dork boyfriend of yours? Do you have another place where you can go to live? Do you have a mother and a father you can go home to? Or do you have even ONE friend in the world you can go and sleep on their sofa for a while and you can get a job and get your own place? You have GOT to get away from dork-mouth. THE END. Don't advertise your plan to him...don't let him know you are leaving. Make your plans privately. Wait till he is gone, and then pack up all your stuff while he is out and just LEAVE. You HAVE to do it. YOU HAVE to LEAVE HIM!!!!!!!

I've already left

Dork mouth lol nice:-)

Well, he WAS a dork-mouth...worse, actually. I am quite angry with him for what he put you through. I hope you change your cell phone number so that he is unable to call or text you....that part is very important...and if he knows where you are, you mustn't ever answer the door if he calls on you.

I am so extremely proud of you!!!!! HUG!!!

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That's awesome advice. Thanks :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Don't kill yourself, talk on here and seek professional help :)

K I'll try

Go easy on yourself...

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