Torn Apart

i have been in a emotionally abusive relationship for a year.. it doesnt seem like a long time but it feels like i have aged twenty years in the last year.i cant sleep i dont have the same relationships w/ my friends and my parents are very unhappy w/ bf doesnt let me talk to any guy friends and he has showed up at my house many times uninvited looking thru my window at me whn we were in a fight..ive always been a good person but he has made me resent everything including myself.i dont enjoy getting up in the morning because i know it will intail me to more fighting.he has physically hurt me a few times saying it was a mistake and he was just fooling around.i dont look at it as a joke whn i am crying and being forced to have sex when i beg not in counseling and trying to get help but nothing seems to help im even on depression medications. if you have any ideas please help me=[</3

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2 Responses Aug 3, 2009

but i feel like im stuck. and i dont have the support of my family or friends friends wont talk to me because they said they are sick of me hurting and my family wants him in jail.ive been reading a book called something like i am not your victim, and its similar to your story and im realy scared it will turn out this way but i dont know how to keep myself from him, i operate the way he tells me to

you know what you got to do, GET OUT OF THERE. he wont ever change. you are being destroyed. sounds like you have support from family and friends so you are lucky. I never had that. I stayed in a abusive 'relationship ' for 22 years! I will regret that for the rest of my life. dont waste your life, get out.